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AHA Adult Pickup-up Hockey

Following very successful 2 Warriors Cup/Adult mini-seasons (2013 and 2014) AHA is happy to offer a series of weekend pick up games for AHA hockey coaches and parents.  Efi Roe Kozorovitsky will be the commissioner for these games.


Attached are the rules of play.  Take special note of three specific rules: 

  1. Slapshots (including fake slap shots) are a penalty 
  2. Initiating body contact is a penalty 
  3. Setting up in front of the crease as a screen is a faceoff outside the zone. 

Let's give each other the benefit of the doubt out there and be sure and check in on one another if our sticks should accidentally get high on occasion.

A change to the previous registrations will be that we will ask you to enter your skills level when signing up to a game. Levels are defined as:


  • NOVICE (D) - Players at this level are within the first five years of their adult hockey experience. It's a great launching pad for players who have not played hockey since childhood. Players at the novice level are typically working on at least two of the following hockey fundamentals: shooting, passing, skating and body control. 
  • INTERMEDIATE (C) - Players at this skill level typically have some high school hockey experience. They make good passes, shoot reasonably well, have solid puck control, and maintain good body control. 
  • ADVANCED (B) Players at this level are younger with solid high school hockey experience or may be older with some college experience. 

Based on the levels - we will try to even up the teams and setup a relatively even game.

Additional information:

Register and pay on a per game basis 

  • $15/game
  • Register on-line
  • Cap each game at 20
  • Everyone brings 2 jerseys & you will get the assignment either through email or at time of game.

 Register Now! 


These are the dates/times currently planned in 2015:





3:20 PM





5:20 PM





7:10 AM




5:40 PM 


We will add more times based on interest.

Should you be unable to attend any given game after signing up, please be sure and as early as possible.  We will make sure to find a sub for you.  Don't leave your team short.  

Finally, you are only considered as registered once you paid for the game through the AHA website. Please note you will need to be signed up with USA Hockey for the 2014-2015 season. 

We will also be looking for goalies. If you know of any goalies that might be interested in playing please asked them to and they will be assigned to games.


AHA Adult Hockey Rules

Our adult hockey program is intended to give AHA parents an opportunity to play competitive ice hockey in an enjoyable environment. The intent is for everyone to have fun and get exercise without getting injured. There is no checking and physical contact should be avoided. Grabbing, holding, tripping, slashing and hooking can not be tolerated. Slap shots - or fake slap shots - are not allowed. Fighting or rough play will result in expulsion from the program.  While standings will be kept in league play, good sportsmanship and fair play are our highest priorities. While some pick-up games will not have a referee, players must follow - and self-enforce - these rules. 

  1. In addition to the regular rules of ice hockey, it is a minor penalty for the following:
    1. Taking a slap shot - or faking a slap shot. A slap shop is when a player brings the blade of his/her stick beyond the knee when striking the puck for any reason (shot on goal, clearing the zone, etc.) Penalty - Slap Shot: 2 minutes. 
    2. Intentionally making physical contact with an opponent - using a hand, arm, leg, hip, shoulder, or stick - to gain an advantage. Players can maintain their position, i.e. a defenseman skating backwards on a one-on-one. Penalty - Intentional Contact: 2 minutes. 
  2. To minimize contact in front of the net, it is a violation if an offensive player remains stationary to intentionally screen the goalie from an outside shot. The referee will blow the whistle and administer a face-off in the neutral zone. Violation - Intentional Screen. 
  3. It is a major penalty if physical contact is determined to be abnormally rough or with intent to injure and can result in immediate expulsion from the league.
  4. Directing critical, profane, distracting or derogatory remarks towards opponents or officials is not allowed. In addition to an unsportsmanlike penalty being assessed by the official, additional disciplinary action may result including expulsion from the league.
  5. Tie games will end in a tie with no allowance for overtime except in the playoffs. A five (5) minute sudden death overtime period will be played, then a penalty shot shoot-out by alternating teams, until a winner is determined. 
  6. Only registered players are permitted to play. Substitutes, if needed, must be assigned by
    league officials. Playing a game with a non-registered player will result in a forfeit. 
  7. Respect towards others, as well as the facility, must be shown at all times. Please pick up locker room after usage. Let’s ensure we maintain our healthy partnership with the PA staff.