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Andover Hockey Association 

34th Annual Scott Heseltine Mite Tournament 

Tournament Rules/Information

There are 20 teams participating in the Heseltine tournament this year. The tournament format will be described in more detail below. 

Game rules: 

  • Games will consist of 90 sec shifts, running time with a buzzer. At the start of each shift, there will be a faceoff. Teams are encouraged to line up quickly and start as soon as possible. 
  • Blue pucks 
  • No slap shots 
  • After a goal or save by the goalie resulting in a frozen puck, the ref will blow his whistle and call for a new puck. He will then throw a new puck into a neutral area and play will continue. 
  • Penalties will be called, but the penalty will only last the duration of the shift in which it occurred. The penalized player will be asked to leave the ice for that shift. 


  1. Because there will be 4 teams playing at once, 2 teams will be sharing locker rooms. Please try and have no more than one adult helping out each player in the locker room. This will help keep it less crowded. 
  2. Please encourage your fans to watch the games from the stands. We still have some parents who like to watch along the glass, near the benches. 
  3. All teams should be ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to their start time. Given that the temporary half-ice boards will need to be installed many times during the weekend, it is imperative that teams are ready to play exactly when they are scheduled to play. Warm-up time will be very limited so coaches should give any pre-game speeches prior to getting on the bench. 
  4. If there are delays, the timekeeper will be required to shorten the length of the game in order to stay on schedule. 

Tournament format: 

After the Friday games are complete, teams will be separated into various divisions. Saturday begins the double elimination portion of the tournament. A team will play until they lose 2 games within the bracket. (If they happen to be knocked out within the first two hours on Saturday morning, they will still play a consolation Best-of-3 series on Saturday afternoon against the other A team that is knocked out first thing Saturday morning.) When the two teams left standing make it to the finals, they will play a Best-of-3 series. Once we get down to 4 teams, we will switch to a Best-of-3 series game format. Within 1 hour, 2 teams will play each other 3 times. Games 1 and 2 will be 18 minutes long; Game 3 will be 15 minutes long. If the team from the winner’s bracket wins, they win the championship. If the team from the loser’s bracket wins, there will be a 15 minute overtime game, winner take all. If at the end of the overtime game the game remains tied, a new 10 minute period will commence (and repeated as necessary) until the next goal is scored. Once we get to the bracket games, if there is a tie, there will be a quick 5-person shootout. Teams will alternate taking penalty shots – the team that gets the most goals, wins. The only exception for overtime will be the finals, as described above.