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Placement Evaluations FAQ’s

Q: When & Where will evaluations take place?
A:  Evaluations take place annually from mid March through early April depending on the division.  All evaluations are held at the Phillips Andover Rinks @ 254 South Main Street, Andover.
Q: Why do we do evaluations?
A:  We evaluate each player in order to properly place them on teams with players of equal strength and ability.  Placing players on teams in which they are best able to participate and compete promotes and maximizes individual development and team success.
Q: Who does the evaluations?
A: All players are evaluated initially by their coaches (both head coaches and assistants) they played for during the year.  In addition there is an independent group for each coed or girls level (mites, squirts, etc…) of volunteers that serve to also evaluate the players during the placement sessions.  Finally, there is an AHA Evaluation Committee that serves to reconcile any differences between observations of the coaches and the volunteers.
Q: How will my player be evaluated?
A: Players are evaluated based on hockey skills (skating, passing, shooting, positional play, etc) and game situations play.
Q: What if my skater misses an evaluation?
A: If a player misses one of the evaluations greater emphasis will be placed on other sessions the player can make and the coach’s evaluations.
Q: Does every player make a team?
A: The intent is to have a roster spot for every player that desires to participate.
Q: When will the team placements be announced?
A: It is expected that all team placements will be announced by late April-early May.
Q: When will we need to decide if we are going to register and play at AHA?
A: It is expected that shortly after team placements are announced a non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the players spot on the team.
Q: If I’m not happy with where my child is placed can I appeal for a “second” opinion ?
A: No.  The placement process, although not perfect, is a fair a process with multiple checks and balances.  We have surveyed many other town and private teams and find our process to be more comprehensive and independent than almost all of them.  The decisions of the AHA Evaluation Committee are final.
Q: If we don’t play for AHA do I get a refund of the placement fee?
A: No.  Placement fees are non-refundable.
Q: If we have other questions not addressed here who should we speak to?
A: Additional questions can be addressed to your child’s coach or AHA Division Directors:


Girls:               John Marble (U10), MIke Hellman (U12), Matt Kiley (U14)

Mite:                Rick Falzone

Squirt:             Mike Stevens / Dan Zuccaro

Pee Wee:          Dan Archambault

Bantam:           Bob Hauser

Goalie:             TBA