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Stop It Goaltending

Goalie Skills

AHA Goalie Skills for the 2014-15 season will once again be run by Brian Daccord's Stop-It-Goaltending. For the fifth consecutive year, we will be conducting goalie skills at Stop-It's Goaltender Training facility in Woburn rather than at Phillips Academy. The feedback from the last four years was that the training sessions at Stop It's Woburn facility allowed for a more personalized and productive experience than what was possible at PA. 

Goalie Skills will be open to all full-time AHA goalies from squirt through bantam levels (Boys and Girls).

You can read more about Stop-It-Goaltending's Programs on their website.

Stop-It-Goaltending has a new facility for the 2014-15 season. It is located at 11 Cabot Rd. Woburn, MA 01801. It's a bit closer to Andover at Exit 37C off Commercial Way in Woburn.