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AHA Initiation Program Information

Registration for the 2018-2019
AHA Initiation Season is Open

The season will go from October until March.

The AHA Initiation Program focuses on skating and skill development in an environment where having fun is of primary importance. The program is broken into two levels, Learn-To-Skate and Learn-To-Play. Each level is open to boys and girls.

Learn-To-Skate (for both boys and girls)


The Learn-To-Skate program is Andover's best place to start a lifelong love for playing hockey.  The program is based on USA Hockey's "Long Term Development Model" designed to teach kids the fundamental skills of skating while playing fun, interactive games. We offer both full year and half yearly sessions skating two, one hour sessions durning the weekends.  All sessions are held at Phillips Academy.

Learn-To-Play (Cross-ice games for boys and girls)


Learn-To-Play is our Graduate program from Learn-To-Skate. This program is best suited for athletes who have finished two years of Learn-To-Skate. Still structured around USA Hockey's "Long Term Athlete Development Model", players begin to work on the concepts of hockey as well as balance, hand eye coordination, skills and flexibility. This program runs all season, skating two, one hour sessions on the weekends. All sessions are held at Phillips Academy.

Please note that your child could be moved to a different level based on their ability as determined by the coaching staff. If parents of current skaters need help placing their children, please talk to your child’s coach, or contact Matt McLaughlin at     


* All players are required to wear full hockey equipment, including a USA Hockey approved helmet. No bicycle or ski helmets will be allowed on the ice.