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The HSHS program is a high school hockey preparation program that lasts 12 weeks from early September to late November. The season ends just before the area high school seasons begin. A majority of players try-out and make a varsity or junior varsity team and thus vacate the HSHS team rosters.

If your player tries-out for his respective high school team and does not make the team or if their school does not have a hockey program, AHA will always try to put in place a 2nd Half Season (Winter) team that will participate in the Valley League from December thru March/April.

Age Eligibility

Player with birth years in the 4 year range of the HSHS Midget program are elegible. This generally aligns with the four years of high school age. 

Second Year Bantam vs HSHS

AHA Bantams is a full season program - September thru April.

We welcome having your player participating in the HSHS program, but you need to select which program would be best for your son. Unfortunately, you cannot play for both Bantams and HSHS, you'll need to decide and commit to one program.

The HSHS  teams are announced after the Bantam teams. If you decide to participate with the HSHS program, your player will be placed on one of the teams and you will be notified of his placement when our HSHS teams are published.

If you decide to participate with the AHA Bantams, we would allow your player to practice with the HSHS teams when we open the "Jump In" sessions in October so that they can used to the speed and size of high school hockey prior to high school tryouts.